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Freshwater Ascomycetes and their Anamorphs

This web site is devoted to fungi in class Euascomycetes (hereafter referred to as ascomycetes) that occur in freshwater habitats. It includes general background information about the group, a referenced database listing the ascomycetes reported from freshwater (World Records Database), a series of illustrated profiles of freshwater ascomycete species (Species Monograph), a database of asexual states (anamorphs) reported for freshwater ascomycetes (teleomorphs), a literature database with references cited, and a database of mitosporic ascomycetes (exclusive of Ingoldian and aeroaquatic fungi) reported from the substrates on which freshwater ascomycetes occur.

These databases were compiled and are maintained by Carol Shearer and Huzefa Raja, Department of Plant Biology, University of Illinois and John Paul Schmit, U.S. National Park Service. The web interface was designed by Jeffrey Haas, Director, Office of Information Technology, Life Sciences, University of Illinois. Contributions to the ascomycete database by Payam Fallah and Astrid Ferrer are gratefully acknowledged. For additional information, comments or to contribute records or profiles to the database, contact Carol Shearer at carolshe@illinois.edu.

Financial support from the National Science Foundation (NSF DEB 03-16496 and NSF DEB 08-44722) is gratefully acknowledged. Any opinions, findings and conclusions or recommendations expressed on this website are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.

Cite as: Shearer CA and Raja HA (2010). Freshwater Ascomycetes Database: http://fungi.life.illinois.edu/ (Accessed on <date>).