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Mangrove Fungi

This website provides information on the fungi which inhabit mangrove forests. It is still under development, but in the future, it will host a database of mangrove fungi, their geographic distribution and their ecology. A list of references will also be provided, including new species descriptions, inventories and ecological studies.

This database is compiled and maintained by John Paul Schmit, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center. Funding for this work was provided by a National Science Foundation Biocomplexity Grant (DEB 99-81309) to study the mangrove ecosystem. Web hosting is provided by the Department of Plant Biology, University of Illinois. For additional information, or to send comments, contact
John Paul Schmit.

You can link to an initial version of the database below.

WARNING: I make no claims about the accuracy of the information currently displayed by the database. While it is generally OK, there are still typos to correct and synonyms to combine. Use this at your own risk.

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