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Freshwater Ascomycetes - Teleomorph/Anamorph Connections

Teleomorph Ascosacculus heteroguttulatus (S.W. Wong, K.D. Hyde & E.B.G. Jones) J. Campb., J.L. Anderson et Shearer, comb. nov. Mycologia, 95(3), 2003, p. 545. Basionym: Halosarpheia heteroguttulata S.W. Wong, K.D. Hyde & E.B.G. Jones. Can. J. Bot. 76: 1858, 1998.
Anamorph Trichocladium sp.
Reference Anderson, J. and C.A. Shearer. 2002. Halosarpheia heteroguttulata: Anamorph and report from the Northern Hemisphere. Mycotaxon 82: 115–120.
Comments Corn meal agar is a good media for checking this anamoprh-teleomorph relationship.

Class Order Family
Pyrenomycetes Halosphaeriales Halosphaeriaceae